Take a look behind the scenes of Robbie's photography. Out on shoots, behind the equipment, and capturing moments of everyday life. All images copyright Robbie George. 

Running The Coast...The Movie

Truly incredible. I spent five years on the road with the striped bass migration filming and producing Running The Coast with Howard Films. First movie of its kind. Perhaps the last. The journey began in the Chesapeake Bay and took us a thousand miles north to Maine. All of it and the ragged stops in between are now the story of what every angler does to find their path to intersect the striped bass on it’s fabled migration.  The striped bass have been declining in population since 2006 and as filmmakers we highlight the plight of this fish and all that make her special so that we can join together and help save her to ensure even higher numbers for our children to enjoy in the future. Join us on this epic journey and get a copy of the movie at the following link:

Running The Coast


"America’s Striped bass ranges thousands of miles to get to our back doors, and has seduced inhabitants of North America for a millennia. Now, in a world with more complicated threats than just a hook thrown from shore, they persevere on. The only fish willing to meet us in deep oceans, shallow estuaries, sand flats, island beaches, ponds, rivers, stormy waves and jetties is an angling hero. She moves under dark rocks at midnight, on white flats to challenge a fly rod and light tackle, and island currents for boats with manic captains. With beauty, strength, aggression and abandon she meets us on her journey, and only asks that we work as hard to find her as she does to migrate up and down the North American coast. There is not just one way to catch her, and that’s what makes her special. The more we realize that, the more we can join together and help save her to ensure even higher numbers make our children stay up at night dreaming about how to track her down.

Who ran the coast?

Too much time on the water? Try to walk away. No sleep? Try to think of something else. These anglers couldn’t. They all are joined by one passion that takes up most of their waking hours. A cast of of “Striped Bass lifers” and guides including IGFA Striped Bass world record holder Greg Myerson, give their all to find and outwit Striped Bass from beaches to deep ocean shelves and clearwater flats. Greg traces the eureka moment that changed his life and the sport of striped bass fishing. Sea captains lose their minds in a blitz with waves moving in, and rock god Roger Waters joins us out of nowhere to get in on the action himself. From shallow water worm hatches in Rhode Island, biblical blitzes off of Long Island’s Montauk, and neurotic fish darting on white flats, we see the striped bass pursued in every way. And while often going without sleep or food or family, we learn what it takes to catch the most mysterious and adventurous fish in the Atlantic Ocean, and maybe something about ourselves as well." - Howard Films

A travel sized version of Running the Coast is now on the big screen touring thanks to Fly Fishing Film Tour.  It's an edited highlight reel of the 3 part mini series playing in a theater near you.  See the entire series (all three parts: Spring, Summer, Fall) on DVD or streaming now.

National Geographic Fine Art Galleries

I wanted to share a very personal image and reflect on how grateful I am to be apart of the National Geographic Fine Art Galleries. I have a couple of images in the galleries that are located in La Jolla, CA - Maui, HI - Fort Lauderdale, FL and Laguna Beach, CA. Having these images in these galleries is humbling; however, at the same time I am excited and inspired to be amongst the greatest photographers in the world. 

My vision is to capture the harmony of nature through photographs, and provide the viewer with a sense of awe and respect. I am committed to leaving a lasting impression and instill a deeper awareness of the natural world. In order to expansively and powerfully share my vision and mission with my photographs, these galleries have given me a wonderful medium and for that I am grateful.

National Geographic | Fine Art Galleries presents fine art photography through exclusive limited editions embodying the rich heritage of the National Geographic Society and National Geographic magazine.

National Geographic | Fine Art Galleries furthers the mission of the National Geographic Society; “we believe in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world.”

The galleries are places of learning where conservation of natural resources, the importance of natural places and the wildlife that inhabit the world come to life with every photographic creation.

Behind every one of our iconic images is an amazing story. When you bring a National Geographic photograph into your home, you become part of the National Geographic legacy.

National Geographic Fine Art Galleries


 by Robbie George


This is a really personal image because this is near the family farm in North Carolina where I used to go with my father. Lake Mattamuskeet is in a national wildlife refuge. There’s a Native American legend that attributes the formation of the lake to a fire that burned for fourteen moons. My father and I would visit it at sunrise and spend some really quality time that many young men these days don’t seem to get with their fathers.

I took the image a couple years after my father passed away. I put on waders and stood out in the lake with my tripod and camera. As I stood there, I thought about him and the times we spent at the farm; and all the things he taught me over the years. All the elements came together. The lake was calm; the clouds were unique; and the reflection of the cypress trees on the flat-water lake was like a reflection of my life with him. I still carry his spirit with me when I am in the field photographing and visit the lake every year to reconnect with him and reflect on our time together.

LOCATION: Mattamuskeet Lake, North Carolina
MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print

Apple uses my image to showcase new retina display on iPad mini


I am super excited to announce that Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller unveiled the new iPad Mini, with retina display, using my image to showcase the new technology.  Apple is also using my image at the Apple store front to showcase the new retina display. It's said to have over 3.1 million pixels—a million more than HDTV. That's a 2048-by-1536 resolution, four times the resolution of the previous-generation iPad mini.


Having my image chosen to showcase this new product is exciting as well as humbling for me. This iPad mini will be a great way for photographers to carry a portfolio of images on the go. I am excited to get one myself to see how vibrant and detailed my portfolio of images look on this new product by Apple. 


You can watch the unveiling of the new retina display with my image at the following video link:


National Geographic Book Cover!

I’m excited to announce that one of my images will be on the cover of National Geographic’s best-selling annual photography collection book “Dawn to Dark ~The Magic of Light” by Jim Richardson. The book charts the changes of light over the course of a day and contains the world’s best landscape photography and photojournalism. The images were selected among the portfolios of the most celebrated photographers and I am honored as well as humbled to have my image chosen for the cover as well as having a few images inside the book.

I took this image near my family farm on Lake Mattamuskeet in North Carolina. I have witnessed this scene change dramatically over the years with different light. Every morning brings it’s own unique experience, and on this particular morning, I was filled with a sense of awe and wonder because the clouds and calm water reflected the Cyprus trees in a unique way that I haven’t seen before.

In 2007 I was fortunate enough to have another image of this scene chosen as a highly honored category winner in the Windland Smith Rice International Awards by Nature’s Best Magazine.  That particular image was displayed in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  Even though both images of the same scene are completely different, it goes to show, that moments in time are constantly evolving and changing with the light. Just as the new National Geographic book illustrates with light in all its variations from “Dawn to Dark ~The magic of light!" by Jim Richardson. 

Check this book out: buy a Copy! Leave a review online! 

Thank you for purchasing the book - makes a great gift! 

Climbing a Mountain without a Summit

    Photography, once it casts its spell, holds one in its viewfinder of wonder forever.  Intuitive observations and the ability to recognize the wisdom and spirit behind those observations is what creates lasting images. Sometimes these happen for a split second and other times it takes minutes, hours, days, weeks or decades to recognize and capture them.  For me, photography is equivalent to climbing a mountain without a summit.  The mountain contains endless moments in time, encompassing a deeper truth and wisdom, but is constantly evolving and changing the further up the mountain one goes. There is no summit on this mountain because the intuitive view is constantly changing, just as the human experience is ever changing through technology and cultural transformation.

    Important historical images are usually are not recognized until decades later when the intuitive view has changed so dramatically humans sense the need to preserve their history, heritage and planet. The National Geographic Image Collection is the world’s largest photo archive of our historical past. The society's mission is "to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world's cultural, historical, and natural resources." Its purpose is to inspire people to care about their planet and I am humbled and thrilled as a photographer to be apart of such an important organization as we climb this mountain together.