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National Geographic Book Cover!

I’m excited to announce that one of my images will be on the cover of National Geographic’s best-selling annual photography collection book “Dawn to Dark ~The Magic of Light” by Jim Richardson. The book charts the changes of light over the course of a day and contains the world’s best landscape photography and photojournalism. The images were selected among the portfolios of the most celebrated photographers and I am honored as well as humbled to have my image chosen for the cover as well as having a few images inside the book.

I took this image near my family farm on Lake Mattamuskeet in North Carolina. I have witnessed this scene change dramatically over the years with different light. Every morning brings it’s own unique experience, and on this particular morning, I was filled with a sense of awe and wonder because the clouds and calm water reflected the Cyprus trees in a unique way that I haven’t seen before.

In 2007 I was fortunate enough to have another image of this scene chosen as a highly honored category winner in the Windland Smith Rice International Awards by Nature’s Best Magazine.  That particular image was displayed in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  Even though both images of the same scene are completely different, it goes to show, that moments in time are constantly evolving and changing with the light. Just as the new National Geographic book illustrates with light in all its variations from “Dawn to Dark ~The magic of light!" by Jim Richardson. 

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